What is really the best way or method to make people buy any products with satisfied?

The Best Way to Make Money and Generates More Sales on the Net

What is really the best way or method to make people buy any products with satisfied?

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Forget about people saying on Search Engine Optimization. Do not
rely on search engine only to promote your website. There are many
advertising techniques you can use and bring traffic to your website.
These techniques majority are free. Search engines are regularly
changing their rules and algorithm.

Give free item with backend sales and information about your
main products.

# Give free trial to your products. For instance, how many people
download products from download.com and upgrade it later. You can visit download.com and see for yourself. They are listing products that how many times visitors download it for that week. I saw some software download millions times in a week. Imagine if 5 percent from one million customers upgrade it later for the products that sell $49.00, it is $2.45 million income for that week.

# No need for you to write sales letter or copywriting if you offer
free trial download to your customer. Yes, good copywriting make
sales, but compare with small business out there that giving free
trial to their products, they are earning more. Their website only
asks their customer to upgrade the full version. These websites
owners also advertise their products only on download.com. They are only creating and building new products and let download.com handle the advertising for them. Not only had they got more sales, also their website traffic increase because download.com is a high traffic website in the net. The best thing of download.com is they offer free listing.

# No need for money back guarantee. If you give free trial to your
customer and then they upgrade the product later, asking for
money back almost zero. Why your customer did that? They have to,
because you don’t push them to buy your products. I call it doing
business clean. For instance, when we buy a car, we are test drive
it first right. It goes same to the online business. You are
selling to human and not to robot.

What make Google and Yahoo rich?

Google and yahoo become rich are from people providing free
information. People search information free because you are
submitting your website or index to google free. However, google
make money for providing free information to people that they
received free also. Correct me if I’m wrong. For more information,
how google and yahoo make money, please refer to experts and they will explain it to you.

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