Do not become victims of scam and fraudulent work at home.

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The ad is so seductive, and just think – what if you can make hundreds of dollars per day working from home? Unfortunately, those who lose money every day are people who work at home scams. Do not become victims. Here are some ways to ensure you will not be scammed!

You know you’ve been scammed by ads for work-at-home when …
· The description of  first line you can make hundreds of dollars per week working from home.
· Have no experience required.
· You can work only a few hours a week and still make money.
· Have a lot of capital…
· You read an ad that is unclear. You haven’t use of what business is all about, but boy, you can create a lot of money.
· You will be asked to call 900 # for more information.
• For a cost, the company will send a list of companies looking for home workers.
· You are forced to make decisions quickly and made feel stupid if you say no to their offer.

How to Check Out A Company

Did you have a funny feeling that the demands of a company or not, do their background research.
· Hire a lawyer. This may seem like waste away your money, but in the long run it can really save some financial wound.
· Call the Better Business Bureau (in the country) to see if they have complaints against the company.
· Ask the company if you can speak with one of their happy customers. Keep in mind that the company can and will give you false customers love to talk. If these people way too easily, I will slightly suspicious.

Questions you can Ask if you Are Thinking About Buying A Business Opportunity

Find out from your sponsor, in writing, what is involved with this business, such as: Are you able to return the goods if not sold? Is there money back guarantee? How long they stay at business? (If under one year, I again would be very suspicious). What is the total cost of business opportunities, including cost, readiness, and equipment? Will you be paid on salary or commission, and how often and who will pay you? Ask the program sponsor to write down every step of the business.

What to do if you are a victim of a Scam

First, you need to write to the company may have scam you and tell them you want your money back. If they do not agree with you, then you should let them know you intend to tell the officers. The following people should be told:
· If you read about this scheme to work-at-home magazine, let the editor know you have been duped by these people and you are not happy about it.
· The Attorney General in your country or in countries where the company is located.
· National Fraud Information Center. Call them, if you feel you are victim of a “get rich-quick” money “with” scheme. Check their website to sign a new daily or fraud. 1-800-876-7060
· Your local Office of consumer protection.
· Your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and BBB in the state of the scammer.
· Postmaster. Tell if you receive information by mail.
· The Federal Trade Commission. While the FTC can not resolve individual disputes, the body can take action if there is a pattern or practice of unfair, misleading. To register a complaint, write to: Correspondence Branch, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC 20580.

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