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In the world of marketing. And it’s the latest buzz in today’s technology driven, net-enabled business scenario. Albeit mass media communication reaches out to scores of people from all quarters, the return on investment may not be as effective as the aforesaid strategy. Commonly called direct marketing, one to one communication is being practiced by organizations of all sizes. The concept is really simple: it is just about sending the mail directly to the intended recipient. The outcome is obvious: the recipient either reads and retains it; or reads and junks it.
An effective direct marketing strategy includes the sending of intelligent pieces of communication assets called direct mailers. These mailers can either be simple letters or complex 3D creative assets. The creative would again depend on the affordability of the person or the company executing the campaign. Any which way, the components are pretty much similar. A simple 2D direct mailer could be a traditional letter in an envelope addressed to the right person. Alternatively, it could be a single fold mailer A4 size mailer (with or without an envelope) with a powerful call to action.
A complex 3D mailer pack usually comprises a box, letter, product booklet, a prop and a response form. The box will be designed to impress the recipient. In addition to the recipient’s name and address, the box exterior also has a line that entices the person to see what’s in store for him. On opening the box, the person is presented with a simple letter that thanks him for evincing interest, and encourages him to read on. Then his eyes are expected to fall on the mailer which just tells him what he can expect. After subtly explaining the benefit, it goes deeper into what he or his business can derive from it.
Another area of interest is the prop with the branding. The good prop is supposed to have a functional appeal. In other words, it should have shelf life and utility. This ensures that the brand is always in front of him, whether he really has experienced the same or not. Some day when the need arises, he could think about getting in touch with the marketer for more information. On the flip side, what happens if he had got a plain letter long back, and he had not bothered to file it! He might make a futile attempt trying to retain the stuff he once deemed insignificant. That’s exasperation for the reader and a lost prospect for the marketer. That’s the power of a good 3D mailer.
Stated simply, a good 3D mailer must have a good form, designed with a good colour combination, a rich looking prop and copy that reads well and allures the prospect to own the brand. Branded mugs with one liners, stress busters, tea coasters, unusual mobile stands, cut CDs and brass desktops are just some of the thoughts for the stuff that could go into a 3D direct mailer box. Most importantly, the content has to be written in a manner that’s quite unlike a brochure or a website; it has to have that personal touch! It’s better to address the person by name.
Direct mailers that pull are generally the ones that have content that talks to the recipient in a language he is comfortable with-in a professional and amicable tone. How does he respond? That’s the last part… he fills in the response form and faxes it back to the company or emails the requirement with his contact details. Then you know what happens! Happy direct marketing!
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