Make Money Online is Easy?

My friends never thought I could make money online easily. Fifteen years ago, when I first started doing business online, my friends laughed at me and always told me that it was all useless. Nevertheless, I could make money online today in front of my computer while playing with my youngest son. How?

Initially I seem to be almost believing in their words because I am facing a lot of problems in running my business. Various techniques I try and learn about introducing my business to online communities.

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I used to subscribe to advertising that seemed to bring me great success at that time. I got email advertising that can deliver my ads to over 75 million subscribers on that time. What is more, I bought the product. At that time clickbank was so popular in online transactions. But what I get with such advertising promises, I just throw away the money without any return to my business.

 Errors and mistakes

Various ways I did to generate income online but all failed because of the errors and mistakes I did in doing my business. I started to realize my mistake after my three years in online marketing. My weakness is that I lack of knowledge in doing business online.

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I devoted twenty percent of my salary as a tuition teacher to buy information products on the internet. I learned how to do the right and effective ways of doing business on the internet specially how to make money online. Maybe you will not believe I did this for about 5 years.

Why 5 years?

While I was in a library in my home town, Sandakan, I saw an Open University advertising for a business management degree course. The course took almost five years. I started to think that if traditional business management took five years to learn, then the online business would need the same time to study. So, I decided to learn from the beginning about online business.

I learned all about internet topics. You can say anything about internet-related fields, I have learned. But I am not as awesome as Facebook’s founder as well as Google or Yahoo … he…he … he. I am also a fan of open source software development.

Money goes into the bank.

make money onlineEveryone likes this part because they think make money online is very easy. Yes, it is very easy. But all that happens when you want to invest money and time in learning the rules of business online. For example, allocating money to invest in information products is primarily the results of success from the experience of others. Why? because this can save you time and you do not have to go through the mistakes people see through.

So, turn to my friend I mentioned earlier. Finally, he was excited to learn how to sell online. However, that is the way people will believe in us once they saw our success. They do not see the hardships we have been through in the past.


After I spent my time and the money, I invested in learning online, I was fortunate enough to have a job and be able to buy information books for several years. I feel the situation of myself for those who are less fortunate but want to learn. That is why the books I share on my site are the books I bought and read.
The publishers of these books have grant me permission to distributed the books for free. However, some of the book’s distributor did not allow me to distribute free. The books must be sold or at least included in a monthly membership site of $9 per month.Today for those who want to read or learn the basics of make money online, you can join my One Time 30 Days Access to GOLD SJCOURSE Guide and Video Tutorial.To your success,

Bhakra Gani.

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