6 Tremendous Tips Make Money Online with Blog

6 Tremendous Tips Make Money Online with Blog.

Updated 29 Jul 2021

There are few people declare they can make money online with blog but a few to have failed in carrying out their blogs too. In favor of myself, able to make money or not is not the question, although how we start a blog today and learn to make money online with blog. There are several people out there who earn tens of thousands of dollars every month. In fact, for the regular person, $10,000 – $20,000 a month already massive enough.

There are various ways and free tools for you to make money online with blog. Within a few minutes you will find 6 tremendous tips how to make money online with blog. These tips will help you to start your own blog and guide you to make money online.

#1-Write a blog or something that you are interested.

When someone starts something, it was difficult for him or her especially once it comes to the time to write. Yet for those who are interested and skilled in a writing specific field that is not a problem for them to start the writing process. Nevertheless, for majority people it is tough to write. To construct your writing process stress-free, you can write anything your passion of. For instance, you are passionate in animals, particularly cats, therefore you should be taking care and preserve with the appropriately and love. You also skilled in cat’s health care and their food. Therefore, to write a decent blog post is simply by translating your experienced-on cat’s health care into your every day or weekly blog post. Furthermore, by writing down what you are passionate, you will never dry of ideas. 


#2-Give visitors to your blog fresh and useful information.

In terms of blogging you need to attract visitors and constant readers on your blog. The important is to certify your writing presents different and useful information to the readers. At that moment, ensure you acquire the right resources and the latest information thus your blog readers ensure not become bored. In my opinion, it is not illegal for you to rewrite from what you have read on any other website articles. Simply write clearly what your points and peeling through your own opinion. Never imitate the written articles by someone else entirely. This could fall your blog score in the search engines ranking. Moreover, you will consider plagiarized when you write or copying other writers’ articles. A short advice, do not waste your time posting something that cause your blog turn nowhere.

Idea and Grammar

Getting idea what to write is a tough situation. In my personal experienced, my ability to write derived from my reading experienced. The further I read books or anything topics that I adored utmost, there is an idea coming to my mind. Moreover, this experienced helps myself in my writing progression. However, similar to other persons I still learn to till today when it comes to English Grammar (hu hu).

Learn English

In fact, it is difficult to write better in English if we are not a native English-speaking. But surely if we want to learn and eager to master English writing, there is no exception on this, you could success too. Therefore, to expand your knowledge you can read extra e-books, magazines or surfing to Wikipedia.


#3-Update your blog regularly by writing the latest articles.

Post often

There is no need for you to force yourself to write every day. You can start by doing it for at least two or three times a week. You definitely do not want to visit other people’s blogs simply writing their blog once every two or three months. Every time you stay browsing someone’s blog, you realize the same articles. Certainly, you do not want yet returned to her or his blog. Not necessarily to write serious matters on your blog. Occasionally, you can write handful of your own personal expression or characterized of humor. These days, generally people love funny or joke articles in addition to videos.

The key

The key to success in blogging and make money online with blog evaluated by the visitors to the blog itself. Highly successful bloggers out there earn their income through the web traffics and their loyal visitors.


If possible, encourage your readers to interact with you through comments or otherwise. You can choose two option concerning readers to comments. People can comment on your blog directly by leaving their email, message, and web address. The second option, allow your readers to comment except only if they sign up or a member of your blog. Moreover, this option will increase your blog membership.


#4-Give something free on your blog


Sometimes the rich man as well wants something that is free. Not only people love to free of charge in addition cause them delighted too; In fact, it can save their wallets. For instance, give download link for items that can access free easily to your blog readers. Hence, e-book is the easiest item to give either you write your own or through another person which you have the right for a distribution.


Video Tutorial

Give something useful that you can share through video tutorial. These days, people love video tutorial or video courses online. Certainly, some people did not get a thrill out of reading as much we can although they can spend their time watching videos. Additionally, that is why YouTube becomes extremely popular today. Start today and record your own video tutorial. Alternatively, you can embed video tutorial from YouTube, Vimeo or other video sites and post to your blog.


#5-Enhance your blog with useful plugins.


Countless plugins available in WordPress platform that can benefit your blog comfortable to remember or share. Plugins such as social sharing is extremely useful for your blog visitors to share with other internet users on Facebook, Twitter, or other social network sites. Every time your post gain shared, added extra visitors will come to your blog. Moreover, they will read your blog post or your personal recommendation.

Related Post

Use related post plugins to enhance readers to click for related articles on your blog. Readers will spend more time on your blog if they find related useful information.


#6-Monetize your blog with affiliate products, AdSense, or other sources.

Ads Network

Through the return of visitors visiting your blog each day or week, traffics to your blog will grow. In addition to the advent of constant traffics, after that we talk about of income. If there is no traffic, there is no income. Once, all the traffics come constantly, monetize your blog with Google AdSense, Amazon, Commission Junction, or other affiliate resources.


While your blog becomes bigger in terms of original contents such as long articles and video tutorials, offer premium membership for monthly payment. Therefore, your blog members can access the premium contents that available exclusive only for them. While you reading this article, this blog used Simple membership plugins.



In conclusion, to my opinion, make money online with blog is not a road that you can achieve within a week or a month, but it requires patience and additional consistency in the implementation of the guidelines above. Consequently, if you are diligent and apply yourself to achieve your dreams, you will succeed.

This article written based on the experienced through blogging and time-consuming, I greatly appreciate it if you can share with your friends. Please select the button below to share. Thank you.

Bhakra Gani.

Updated 29 Jul 2021

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