What Is The Biggest Problem Internet Marketer Facing?

Doing business online is not hard as many people think. In addition, it is not easy as you think too. I start published my Angel Newsletter since year 2004. I used free service from Bravenet to create my free subdomain, http://click.to/angelnewsletter. A year later, I purchased a domain name www.angelnewsletter.com

I set up a webpage that collects subscriber. I joined subscriber network to gain more subscribers to my newsletter. I read articles online and bought some e-books from the internet guru. Most of them suggest me to create my own product and building my list. Therefore, when my list grows I could send my subscribers about my products. That is good to be true.

I created some e-books and reports and published them on download.com. However, I still do not have enough sales because many of my subscribers came from ezine network and too many competitors from them. I follow more gurus’ website and some of them I bought their master resale rights products and Private Label Rights. I read comments from internet marketers’ blog that I came with one result. Most internet marketers are difficult to market and promote their products.

Products creation is not a problem anymore since private label rights products become more popular among internet marketers. Nevertheless, what they are really facing is to market and promote their products. They ask the gurus, but gurus will not expose their secret. If they exposed to us their secret, I think we are also can become gurus. For my opinion, if your website loads of visitors and your products sale increase even you are newbie, I will call you ‘guru’. Your online business is dead if you have no traffic.

Some gurus will tell the secret especially in SEO but they ask you for the higher price. When you buy their products you will then realized that those things are a piece of junk that you can do it yourself online. I saw a website since year 2003 until today and this website is still no.1 for specific keyword (sorry, I do not mention the keyword here). They are selling products to newbie “how to seo, web traffic and more” but they still no.1. Do you know why? They still kept the secret. However, the answer is NO secret at all.

To market and promote your products is only has one solution. You must involve in your business and it will take some time to gain more sales. Try participating in link exchange, traffic exchange, posting articles, join forum and community and so on. With your effort and time you spend to your online business, success will come to you.

Good Luck!
Bhakra Gani.

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