how I make money online

How I Make Money Online?

This question is often asked by my subscribers and my friends.

Actually, to make money online is not hard as you think or like other marketers told you that you need to do this… to do that and etc.

There are many ways to make money online. It depends on what amount of money you want to earn online. Some people join a program like reading email, pay per surf or click to pay program. But, the money you earn from this program is about a few dollars only per month. I cannot waste my time clicking on the people link and just earn a few cents.

Some others newbie try to create a blog and post something they really enjoy and put some ads or AdSense on their blog. This method could bring some extra income to them when people visit their blog and click the ads. I was in this method for a few years and the result was disappointing. I got a little traffic to my website and after a few months Google Adsense ban my website with the reason there are some fraud clicks on my ads. What a waste of my time. I cannot deny this method because it brought more profits to a high  traffic website like a mashable blog.

How I make money online

Some people used email to market their business. First, you must build your mailing list by offering people some free products from you and get people to subscribe. You can offer some affiliate products to your subscriber or send them to your OTO page. But, this method requires intermediate knowledge from you about internet marketing. This is the method I practice now.

There are also people join the high ticket affiliate program that can earn you more every time you make a sale. The profits around 3000 to 8000 USD.  This method is suitable only if you are really very good in internet marketing business.

Bhakra Gani.


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