I cannot Wait For Google…Hosting.

Coming to online community, internet business, game website, or forum we cannot under estimate the power of Google Adsense and Google AdWords.

We all already knew, recently many websites on the internet today playing this Adsense games either on their website or on their blogs. Google also indicates its Adsense on the Blogger.com just made their blogger easy to apply for adsense. These things make Google.com bigger and bigger with its Adwords advertising programmed. Google also had overcome Overture.com in this online advertising game.

I also did not left behind with this online games calls Adsense. I used to call Adsense as online games since sometimes my revenued was up and down and it depends on my website visitors.

I used Adsense on my website community at www.4frenz.com and my search engine at www.myhomeko.com. Since I used Adsense as my one online income, my website must run well and serve better to my visitors. It might always be able to access by members. Unfortunately, sometimes what are you afraid to happen it will come to you. My website visitors cannot access my hosting domain because of the conflict and overloaded from my host server. Of course, this situation made my income and sales going down.

When I heard that Google is on their way to the Hosting Business Area, I really love it. Imagine how big hosting place and bandwidth they will give you for your website to go online. These happened on their Blogspot and Gmail. Beside I used Google as my income source and I served their ad on my website, these make advantage to me. However, this news is a nightmare to hosting companies out there specially yahoo.com.

I hope Hosting providers out there serve their customers and clients very well specially my own hosting provider. Provide good customers support and just do not say, “Your account has been suspended and we will contact you soon”.

Good Luck Google!

By Bhakra Gani.
Copyright 2008 Bhakra Gani. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. I think u must make blog at blogger.com then to accept your adsense account. U can get code adsense content then put that code at your web.. Good Luck

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