All My 2015 Post Lost Due To Script Error in WordPress Blog.

Using WordPress software as your blog is very powerful because you can install themes and plugins to make your blog looks fantastic. But, installing plugins and wordpress updated made my all post deleted in my hosting account. All gone.

The problem is I never Back up my file. That’s my mistake. Doing back up need your time.

Alternative, is the best for blog post only. You don’t have to back up your post regularly because is under the big giant Google.

If you see my archive post on your right sidebar, you will notice there are no post between Jan 2015 to Aug 2015. That was the time frame my hosting automatically delete all my blog and my files.

Thank GOD I still have my older post in my blogspot account. Now I use google domain setup to redirect my blogspot blog to

Thanks for reading…

Bhakra Gani.


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