Is Everyone Can Make A Living Online?

Is Everyone Can Make A Living Online?

Well the answer is “Yes”.

One of my mentor said to me that there is a lot of potential online. He said the best way is I must create a multiple streams of income online.

I must have a newsletter to allow me to capture visitors email so I can contact them later. Along the way, I can convert them to a customer. He said, not everyone buy my product on their first visit to my website. To convert my website visitors to a subscriber, I gave them a bonus when they sign up my newsletter, e-book and software that they will get for FREE.

Adding articles put on my websites and blogs that I wrote with my own words. Some articles were from articles directories and my own private label rights articles. Visitors came to my website and read the articles they interested. I put advertisement on every page of my articles. Adsense is one of my favorite ads that I put on my page. Even income from adsense is not too big enough just around for $10, $100 dollars a month but it is really pay my bills.

Submitting a website to web directories is a great way because search engine will notice your website. But don’t depends on search engine only because when your website get index from one top high rank website that is gets spidered, your website is all set up.

Writing your own articles and submits it to the article directory can make you bring visitors to your website approximately 10 to 50 visitors per day. Submitting article to directories allow you to include your Bio information at the bottom of your article. When a reader interest with your writing they will visit your link through the Bio information

To make money online, it is takes a hard work sometimes. Many people quit before they get nice income from the internet. They tried affiliate program and invest more money on advertising for a short of time. When their expenses are more than their income, they said doing business online is a waste of time.

Today, I still keep learning and reading some e-books, articles and report every day that written by the top internet marketers who is already made a fortune in online business. Some of them received income over 10 millions per year. I will do my best to follow their footstep. Just plan your walk and do it; I will see you on the top. Good Luck!

Bhakra Gani

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